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Small Biz Cares raises money for COVID-19 Masks

Small Biz Cares Raises $6,420 for COVID-19 KN-95 Masks

Small Biz Cares raises $6,420 to provide KN-95 masks to local healthcare workers treating COVID-19 patients

The COVID-19 epidemic has put a halt to our lives and economy. People are getting sick with some becoming hospitalized due to the virus. This is creating a stress on the healthcare system and especially on doctors and nurses who are treating patients. Small Biz Cares Founder, Nevin Bansal, spoke with several doctors in the community to get a feel for the challenge in securing masks and other needed medical supplies. “I saw an opportunity to use my resources through my company to provide masks to doctors and nurses. Because of my relationships with overseas suppliers, I can get these supplies at a good price and quickly.”

“This is where companies like Small Biz Cares and leaders like Nevin Bansal & Sunita Bansal step-in to connect people in a way that is both impactful and powerful. Yesterday they posted a fundraiser on Facebook to raise money to place an order for masks from an overseas distributor. This connected their friends and family to healthcare workers via a vital supply chain that would otherwise be unrelated. They took the pyramid of restroom men turned it upside down then smashed the curve and for this, I and the healthcare community will be forever grateful.” – Sunil A., Chair of Emergency Medicine at OSF LCMMC

To assist in securing masks, Small Biz Cares put in place a fundraiser to provide KN95 masks to local healthcare professionals. In just two days, Small Biz Cares raised $6,420 from over 60 donors. As a result of this fundraiser, Small Biz Cares will be able to donate 2,000 KN95 masks to local hospitals, including Ohio Health, OSU Wexner Medical Center. In addition, 200 of the masks will be donated to YMCA Columbus, to support their pandemic childcare and emergency shelter.

Small Biz Cares sponsor, Outreach Promotional Solutions is also selling, at wholesale cost, additional KN95 masks and infrared scan thermometers to several organizations, in addition to sourcing efforts around hand sanitizers and antibacterial wipes.

“We feel fortunate that we can be in a position to help provide critical medical supplies during this crisis. It was pretty awesome to see the immediate response and contributions from the small business community and friends to raise money for the KN95 masks.” -Nevin Bansal

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