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2019 Scholarship Impact

It has been a terrific first year for Small Biz Cares! We’ve been blown away by the feedback received from the community, and by the many small businesses & professionals whose involvement has been key in the immediate success of our programs.

One program that has seen significant impact is our Scholarship program! 100% of our base membership contribution goes towards scholarships, as well as various funds from events throughout the year. Our October Membership Drive saw many new members coming on board at the end of 2019, which expanded our impact for an even greater reach.

We want to thank our members and all those whose generosity has made the success of our 2019 Scholarships possible. Thank you! We’re excited to share the impact your involvement has made.

Columbus State: $3,000

Small Biz Cares provided scholarships to three Columbus State students with an interest in starting their own small business. Not only will these scholarships have an impact on education, but on the future of entrepreneurship!

As an organization membered by small businesses, we appreciate the importance of local businesses and keeping the spirit of entrepreneurship alive in our community. We wish these students luck in their endeavours.

Read more about this story, as well as thank you letters from the students to our members here. 

Women’s Small Business Accelerator: $1,500

Women’s Small Business Accelerator is a non-profit founded by successful women business owners for women business owners. They provide education, peer support, mentoring, and accountability to help women on their entrepreneurial journey – to start and grow their own businesses. WSBA supports entrepreneurial development, recruiting expert speakers and dynamic instructors, as well as providing valuable resources for the women business leaders of tomorrow. Scholarships through WSBA cover the cost to attend The Inspired Entrepreneur program, which is an intensive 20-week educational program.

We provided the scholarship from Small Biz Cares to Delia Smith and her business concept: Her She Shop. Dee works for Lowe’s and her goal is to launch a business teaching women how to repair issues in their home, as well as how to use various tools and saws for building/repairs. She completed the class, graduating in October.  She was extremely thankful for the scholarship.

-Mary McCarthy, Co Founder and Executive Director

She Has a Name: $4,500

Small Biz Cares Tailgate for CharitySmall Biz Cares Fundraising Fall Membership Drive

Funds raised from our October Membership Drive & our Tailgate for Charity Event went directly towards She Has a Name’s Strategies for Success Scholarship. You can learn more about this scholarship on their website.

She Has A Name is proud to partner with Small Biz Cares through Tailgate for Charity. The fund provides financial assistance and professional mentorship to survivors of human trafficking who are pursuing a degree in higher education. Completing a professional degree without debt enables survivors to find employment at dignified jobs. It is meaningful to know that local business owners see the value in investing in education, and actively seek ways to invest in their neighbors.

-Courtney Schmackers, Executive Director

2020 Education Scholarships Underway

Additional amounts have been raised which will be contributed to education in 2020. As we grow as an organization and new members join our cause, we look forward to the increased impact we will be able to make in our community!

Interested in Joining Small Biz Cares?

Learn more about the various ways you can become involved with SBC on our Membership page. Contact us for any questions about joining or our programs!

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