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Small Biz Cares Highlights the Power of Its Membership

Small Biz Cares couldn’t make the difference in our community that it does without the tireless commitment of its many members. We’d like to introduce you to a few of our members who have been a big part of our growth and success.

Read on to learn about their businesses and what they have enjoyed most about being a part of this impactful collaboration at Small Biz Cares:


Stephanie Page is the Head of Outreach & Partnerships for POINT. She said they decided to join Small Biz Cares in August of 2019 because they love spending time with other small businesses in Columbus. POINT is the first collaborative volunteer platform that connects communities with local causes. POINT is one app that individuals and groups can use to volunteer for any cause, bringing people-power to nonprofits.

POINT believes nonprofits need better tech. Since women lead the majority of local nonprofits, their mission is to provide local leaders with the powerful, time-saving tech tools they need for free. Their nonprofit dashboard is like a combined Eventbrite and Salesforce platform for community impact. By centralizing local community needs through POINT, they maximize support for local nonprofits and women leaders. They believe that when you equip women, they uplift and empower their communities.

If you’d like to learn more about POINT, please visit their website and follow them on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. You can also download POINT on the App Store or Google Play.

Meet Integro

Integro brings peace and love to the world one heart at a time, by facilitating wellness through stress management and emotional self-regulation.  Their integrative approach to health and wellness helps individuals, teams and organizations respond better to the physical, emotional and mental stressors in life.

Founder and Executive Director Dr. Sandra Solano says that getting involved with Small Biz Cares in November of 2019 naturally aligned with Integro’s mission. Working with like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners allows Integro to make a bigger, more meaningful impact on the community. She said there is power in a team, and the effort is amplified when you are doing it with others. Integro also supports initiatives around victims of sex trafficking, water accessibility in underdeveloped countries, reconstructing communities and forests that were destroyed by fires in California, and providing PPE to direct care providers.

To help the community during COVID, Integro makes the basic heart math tools available for free to help alleviate stress, anxiety and PTSD that could result from pandemic stressors. A free consultation and coaching call is available on Integro’s website, and you can also learn more about what they do by following them on Facebook and Instagram.

Meet Process for Profit by Brittany & Co.

Brittany Dixon is the founder of Process for Profit by Brittany & Co. She helps online service providers work smarter, not harder, so they can impact more people.  She coaches her clients on the strategy, systems and support they need to grow a sustainable business.

Brittany joined Small Biz Cares in September of 2019 to give back to the community. As a small business owner, she connected with Small Biz Cares’ mission, wanting to make an impact by donating her time and collaborating with other like-minded business owners. Her favorite event was the Salvation Army Christmas event because it was a great way to connect with small business owners, get to know each other, and band together to do something great for the community.

She is passionate about helping low-income communities get the resources they need, fighting hunger, and supporting inclusion for individuals with special needs. She volunteers her time at events, offers free business mentoring for new and young entrepreneurs, and serves on the Byron Saunders Foundation which collects and distributes Thanksgiving Day meals to families in need.

You can learn more about Brittany’s company by visiting her website or connecting with her via email, Facebook and Instagram.

Meet Chris Borja

Chris Borja is the owner of Become a Better Networker, The CONNECTED Networking Group, and the recently launched company, Borja Virtual.

All of Chris’ companies focus on networking, relationship building and supporting local communities. Become a Better Networker helps entrepreneurs, sales professionals and business leaders break through their challenges to expand their reach through networking. CONNECTED offers events to help growing businesses accomplish their big goals, give back and improve their training. Borja Virtual, a business that was born out of COVID, brings the energy, engagement and experience of live events to the virtual world. Borja Virtual helped create impactful events for many local nonprofits, who otherwise would have had to cancel (costing them a significant portion of their annual revenue).

Since becoming an advisor of Small Biz Cares, Borja Virtual hosted Nonprofit Appreciation Week, a virtual event highlighting multiple nonprofits in various sectors each day. Chris joined Small Biz Cares to be part of the movement—supporting the local community, providing education and bringing business people together to make a greater impact in an easy way. Chris is also a big supporter of COC, formerly Christians Overcoming Cancer, which provides emotional and financial support to cancer patients actively seeking treatment.

If you would like to connect with Chris, you can do so on Facebook or LinkedIn. You can also learn more about Become a Better Networker, The CONNECTED Networking Group and Borja Virtual by visiting their websites.


Thank you again to all of our members for everything you do for Small Biz Cares. If you’d like to learn more about our programs, our membership, or would like to get involved, please visit our website!

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