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Small Biz Cares Info Sessions

Small Biz Cares Info Sessions

Our goal at Small Biz Cares is to create a strong network of small businesses in our community. We are blessed to have a fantastic group of strong business owners and leaders who are willing to help others grow.

The content below showcases some of the Small Biz Cares members in their element. There is a beautiful mixture of expertise in the group and with these info sessions, we strive to inform the community on best practices in various areas of running or working for a small business.

Small Biz Cares Board Member, A-Jay Orr, shares tips on protecting your business.

As an IT pro, A-Jay knows the ins and outs of cybersecurity like no other. Pay close attention as the CEO if SimplePlanIT gives you the inside scoop on how criminals attack small businesses.

Contact for the email security guide.

Small Biz Cares Ambassador, Brittany Dixon, provides us with much-needed tips on productivity.

Brittany Dixon, Founder of Brittany & Co., has spent her fair share of time putting in the work to achieve her goals. Now she aims to help you and your business achieve yours! Check out the video for professional tips on productivity, handling your digital accounts, and all-around becoming more efficient with yourself and your business.

Nevin Bansal, Founder & Executive Director of Small Biz Cares, joins The Process for Profit podcast to provide insight on the Challenges of Growing a $1 Million Marketing Agency.

Listen closely as Nevin shares how he positioned himself for success, tips on building a marketing agency, and ideas to invest in to keep your business in the spotlight.

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