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Helpful Resources for your Business or Employees

A Message from the Board of Small Biz Cares

Our mission at Small Biz Cares is to connect, mobilize and inspire small businesses to make a lasting positive impact in our community. A lot of our impact revolves around our collaborative volunteering and fundraising programs. While our events are currently on hold, we still want to make sure we are bringing our members and network together to make a difference.

Now, more than ever, there is great need for our community to come together to get past this crisis. If you have the means, we encourage you to figure out how you can help others get through this difficult time. If we all do one small act of kindness, imagine how much positive impact we can make.

We understand the challenges many of you are facing over the next month or longer. This is why we are sharing several opportunities to support the business and broader community. We are also providing some information and resources to help your business and employees get through this difficult time. We hope everyone takes this time to stay safe, healthy and enjoy time with their families. Please reach out to us at if we can be of help in any way.

The Small Biz Cares Board Team

Helpful Resources for your Business or Employees

BBB, Small Biz Cares partner, providing business resources

Better Business Bureau’s website provides information and a survey so the BBB can use its resources to support your business.

Ohio Department of Health

State of Ohio has created a website to provide updates and resources around COVID-19:

Resources for parents and families

Questions/facts on COVID-19

Checklists to protect against COVID-19

Checklists on how to respond to COVID-19

Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Coronavirus Impact and how to apply for benefits: JFS

Small Business Administration

Resources and Support for Small Businesses

Small Business Administration Offering Resources and Support for small businesses, including loan information and resources for small businesses to respond to COVID-19.

small biz cares member outreach promotional solutions

Nonprofit Marketing Support

Small Biz Cares Sponsor, Outreach Promotional Solutions is offering marketing assistance to help them build awareness during this time. Free Facebook social media help for three nonprofits: Apply Here

Maintain a Positive Vibe

Help maintain a positive vibe for your business and team through Do Gooder Columbus, founded by Small Biz Cares Board Member, Jamie Foltz.

Do Gooder is a media company that provides stories and information on those DOING GOOD in our community.

Report a Do Gooder at HERE

Join the Do Gooder Guild to support the work of Do Gooder

Displaced Employees

Small Biz Cares Board Member, Dan Saas of VACO is offering his company as a resource for displaced employees.

Please contact Dan at

Training to help businesses manage a productive remote workforce.

Skillsoft Demo Username: demo password: skills

Once logged in, the user can access the entire portal with resources we are providing our clients. The following two resources are directly related to COVID.

Navigating Through a Pandemic – COVID19 – Client facing presentation that can be shared with clients to help them navigate COVID. It will also show how we support our clients during difficult times.

Protecting yourself against COVID19. – Presentation talking about COVID and other viruses; how the spread, protection, etc.

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