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Small Biz Cares, launched in 2018, is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Central Ohio. Small Biz Cares is founded by local small business leaders with the goal of building and organization that puts small businesses in the forefront of community impact.

Our mission is “To connect, mobilize, and inspire small businesses to create a lasting positive impact in our community.”

Why was Small Biz Cares created?

• We believe that small businesses can make a bigger impact in the community by coming together. Small Biz Cares is designed to provide a unique
opportunity for businesses to give back and grow their business through networking, brand‐strengthening and exposure opportunities – all centered
around philanthropy.
• Columbus’ small business community is filled with leaders who give their time and money to causes they’re passionate about. We wanted to bring a
group of smart business leaders together so that we could give back to our community at a scale only large corporations have been able to achieve.

Where can I learn more?

  • You can go to our website, or contact us at


Who can join?

• A Small Biz Cares member is any business that is under $20 million in annual revenue OR under 500 employees. Each business is considered a
member and all employees from each business can engage with Small Biz Cares.
• Larger organizations can be involved as sponsors/partners in the work of Small Biz Cares. For sponsorship inquiries, please contact

How do I become a member?

  • You can join in one of two ways: 1) Go to and Click the “Join” button under your preferred membership level. You then complete your
    membership information and submit payment online via credit card 2) Email to inquire about membership. We will then get back with you to discuss membership options and finalize
    your membership

What are the differences between a “Member”, “Investor”, and “Leader”?

• All three levels are considered members of Small Biz Cares. The basic “Member” level is $250 annually while an Investor pays $750 and Leader pays
$1,500. The benefits to the member increase based on the level of membership.
• You can learn more about these membership levels at

Where does my membership contribution go?

• 100% ($250) of your Member contribution goes to the Small Biz Cares Scholarship Fund, which helps those in need fulfill their educational dreams.
For Investor and Leader Members, the additional amounts above $250 go to help the organization fulfill its mission through
Fundraising/Volunteering events, awareness activities and other activities needed to run an effective nonprofit organization.

I joined, now what?

• As a member, you will be able to participate in the various programs/events throughout the year. These include fundraising events, volunteering and
other networking events built around positive community impact. In addition, you will be a key contributor to our Scholarship Fund which makes a
direct impact to those in need. You can learn more about our programs at

I’d like to get involved beyond my membership. How do I do that?

• If you are interested in a leadership role with Small Biz Cares (Board Member or Ambassador), email us at to setup
some time to discuss opportunities.

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