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Roetzel & Andress

About this Member

Roetzel is a full-service law firm with offices located throughout Ohio, Florida, and Chicago. The firm provides comprehensive legal services to national and international corporations, closely held and family-run businesses, institutions, organizations and individuals.

Since 1876, our firm has been guided by the core values of innovation, client service, integrity, and excellence in practice. Over the years, the firm has strategically grown in breadth, depth, and strength of legal services offered, and its geographical reach in response to an ever-expanding client base and scope of legal needs.

Company Representative

Dan Waters

Why did you decide to join Small Biz Cares?

I have seen first-hand the positive impact that charities can have for society and the positive benefits for companies on the corporate culture. When a business actively engages in social causes they help solidify a purpose for the business beyond just the mere sales of product and services. You connect the business with the community and in turn help your employees feel connected to something greater than the 9-5.

For larger businesses, there is often easier access to opportunities to become involved. I see the beauty in what Small Biz Cares is doing through targeted involvement and opening opportunities to the oft-overlooked smaller businesses. I would love to be a part of Small Biz Cares team and offer my services, network, and time to help build a more robust charitable ecosystem.

-Dan Waters

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