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Our CFOs average 25+ years of experience in finance and general management, working as mentors and confidants of business owners, helping them meet their goals and ensure the financial health of the business. They work on a long-term basis with clients, providing CFO-level support that delivers value and measurable results. This model allows us to provide customized solutions that are attainable for organizations of any size. At FocusCFO, we are THE CFO COMPANY®

FocusCFO was started in Columbus, Ohio, in September 2001 by Brad Martyn. Compared to other long-established and mature service offerings like attorneys, bankers, and CPAs, the CFO services industry is relatively new, with its roots starting in the 1970s and 80s.

From the beginning, FocusCFO has always been viewed positively by trusted business advisors. We have worked hard to be a friend to all and we have many strong alliances across the midwest and beyond.

Company Representative

Darren Cherry

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