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First Class to Profit

About this Member

Author of book "Resilience Factor" and with over 25 years experience in the consulting field, De'Lona "Dee" Moultrie founded First Class To Profit to help entrepreneurs create profitable businesses while working less.

Dee began as an Independent Financial Consultant supporting families with personal finances, insurance planning, debt elimination, and credit restoration. She co-owned a very successful Real Estate Investment company with her husband, as well as a family business selling Personalized Books for Children.

With the majority of their revenue streams tied to the financial sector, Dee's family nearly lost everything when the market crashed in 2008. What followed was 5 years of soul-searching, self-discovery, and re-building. In that time, Dee tried her hand at Networking Marketing and even opened a Painting Franchise, until ultimately returning to her consulting roots where she belonged.

Dee has a knack for systematizing business operations so that they run efficiently, allowing entrepreneurs to get more done in less time. If you want your business to run more organized with smoother and more profitable operations, Dee is the expert you need to talk to!

Company Representative

Dee Moultrie

Why did you decide to join Small Biz Cares?

I am celebrating my 29th year as an entrepreneur. Philanthropy has been an area of passion for years and I believe that small business is an important link to our nation’s recovery and vitality. Based on what I see as amazing synergy, it would be an honor to help move the mission of SBC board forward.

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